Friday, January 28, 2011

Think Green Blog Hop

Welcome to the "Think Green Hop Along". Everyone is welcome to link up and make friends here. The concept is to "think green"!! 

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

More on Shampoo, and yes, I have shampoo

If you've stuck with me for a while, then you may remember my whole shampoo issue from last year. The latest installment being here. The TL;DR version is that waaay back in April, I noticed I was running low on shampoo, and decided to share my semi-neurotic decision making process with all of you. Just deal, and spend our meager funds on other necessities? Go ahead and try the product I had wanted to for a while, knowing that it would last me for good amount of time? Break open all those hotel shampoos I had hoarded up?

As you know from the above linked post, moving, a broken water heater, and shake-up of my routine all contributed to a reduction in my normal shampooing, drastically reducing my need for shampoo. Or at least the amount of shampoo which I need. At this point, I'm shampooing about 2, up to 3, times a week. The third time is usually if I manage to get off my behind and actually go to the gym or do my TV yoga (that could be a fun post, huh?).

Currently, I'm using an Aubrey Organics shampoo, no conditioner. The ingredient list is a little long, but certainly not the worst I've seen, and I like what ingredients are listed. It is on the upper threshold of pricey for me, but considering I don't even remember when I bought this bottle... August or July, maybe... and I'm still using it, I think it is ok.

In general and in theory, I did like the JR Liggett's bar shampoo. However, I don't know if I did not give myself enough of a transition time, or if my hair simply didn't care for it. The reality of my hair with the shampoo bar was less nice than it has been with my current, liquid shampoo. Not terrible, just lackluster. I still hold out hope of finding a shampoo bar that my hair and scalp like.

Aren't you thrilled to be kept apprised of my shampoo adventures? What methods of cleaning your scalp do you use?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A quick laundry blitz

When it comes to laundry, I am lazy. At any given time, we will have a basket of clean clothes, yet to be folded and/or at least one basket of dirty clothes. (Realistically, it is all of the above.)

Sure, laundry is a chore. And even with my machines, I find ways to be even lazier about it. I wash everything in cold water on the delicate cycle. Occasionally, if I have a load of just towels and/or bed linens, I'll switch to a warmer wash cycle. This is partly because the cold wash saves money, but also saves me from having to separate the laundry, and then expending precious brain cells to re-set the controls on the machine. I also dry everything on low-heat, taking care to remove the "dry flat" items before starting the washer.

We were walking around a home improvement store the other weekend, and came across their dented/damaged/opened box appliances. Saw an eco-friendly (labelled as such on the unit) steam dryer, super fancy, marked down from about $1000 to $300. With our holiday gift cards burning a hole in our pocket, we stopped in our tracks. We didn't have enough to cover the dryer, but enough to make it an even better deal.

This dryer was seducing me. We looked at it, saw a few scratches that were cosmetic, and walked away to give ourselves time to think. By the time we had made it back to the dryer, we'd more or less decided that while yes, this was a great price... it wasn't a good deal for us. I hardly use the features on my current dryer, which works fine, by the way. So, that is two strikes against super-fancy-new-dryer. The other reasons for not buying it? Didn't have the cash available to make the difference between gift cards and price. And, steam dryers need water in and a water out connections. We didn't know if our set up had the capability, or if we had the ability to install it. All in all, this added up to a great price that wasn't a good deal for us.

That trip, we had fun walking around, and discussing plans, but ended up not buying anything. Just ideas. I don't regret not buying the dryer in the least.

Do you have any good "walked away from it" purchase stories?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Play on Recipe Thursday: Pudding

Earlier this week, we caved to grocery store pressure and bought a pudding mix. Organic butterscotch. It was delicious, so much so that my husband steeled down to the kitchen unbeknownst to me to finish it off. I was sad.

The next night, we mourned the early demise of said pudding (I glared at my husband a bit) and also the lack of eggs in the house. (Since no eggs usually means no tasty baked goods. We also don't have applesauce on hand.) We were almost certain that our collective sweet tooth would go unquenched. But then, I cracked open my More With Less cookbook. (If you don't already know about this cook book, I strongly suggest you find a copy to borrow. It is amazing. It is a go-to resource for recipes when you are short an ingredient or two, and substitutions. My mom gifted me an updated version because I used her so much!)

In this gem of a cooking reference, I found a very simple chocolate pudding recipe. It called for sugar, corn starch, cocoa, milk, vanilla, and margarine. I had everything in my kitchen already. (Well, I had butter, not margarine.) My husband was a bit surprised to learn we had corn starch in our cupboards, but I wasn't! (I did buy it, after all.)

One feature of the More With Less book is that they include hints, additions, and variations that other cooks have used with success. For this pudding recipe, one suggestion was to replace the few tablespoons of margarine with a quarter cup of peanut butter. Usually, I like to make a recipe at least once by the 'book' before I start in with the alterations, but we could not pass up the chocolate and peanut butter combination.

The pudding thickened up beautifully. I almost didn't want to add the vanilla and peanut butter, but I did. And I should have used a whisk to blend in the peanut butter and not just my wooden spoon. Or added it a bit sooner. The peanut butter didn't incorporate a smoothly as it could have, so the pudding was a bit lumpy, but still quite tasty. Neither my husband nor I had any complaints.

The recipe yield was four servings, so we halved it, putting half in the fridge. With our track record, if we hadn't put half away immediately, we could have demolished the whole batch in one go.

A bit of an aside, to explain how much I love More With Less, I'd say this: If I could only have one cookbook for the rest of my life, it would be a toss up between More with Less and my older version of Joy of Cooking. I'd probably try to find book binder to combine the two into one, super cooking resource.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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