Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The city has closed all non-emergency services at noon today, due to current icy conditions, and fore-casted ice. I'll be leaving early today, and carefully making my way home.

Upon hearing this, I immediately thought:
We have gas to cook, if needed. We have the wood burning stove for heat and possibly for cooking, if needed. We have enough dry/shelf stable food to keep us for a day or two. But, if the water lines freeze/stop working, well, then we don't have a back up supply of water to keep us hydrated. Hoping to remedy that on the way home, but I am sure most water will be bought up.

Guess I'll fish a few juice bottles from the bin and fill them up while I can.

Are storms a major factor in how you plan out your life? Or your pantry? Do you feel prepared to be homebound for a few days, due to unforeseen circumstances?