Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What am I doing? And why...

Some of you out there already know me, and already know what prompted this blog. For those who don't, here goes:

Being on the slightly more strapped side of the economic spectrum, I avidly read all the money saving articles I can. Always, I start off excited by a headline, and hopeful that I'll learn some new advice, something that I can use. Inevitably, I feel let down and discouraged.

I already know that stopping for coffee house coffee, especially anything more than a regular old brewed cup, is more expensive then brewing at home. I already know that selling books, DVDs, and clothes can make you extra cash. However, I also know that if you're running late, buying coffee is sometimes the only option to keep you on time, employed, and functional. And, that selling these things will only make you money if you have the time to troll around, and find places whose commission and fees won't completely eat away whatever profit you may have.

Basically, I feel that a lot of these articles were written hastily, re-hashing the same advice over and over, and that they are geared towards comfortable middle class and higher households who do have several notches on their belt to spare. But what about the people who have already eliminated Starbucks runs, or have already peddled out their book and media troves? What about the people who are stamping new notches into their belts, sucking it in like Scarlett O'Hara putting on a corset?

My ramblings will be geared more towards those such people. With a twist. I will also keep an eye towards self-sufficiency and sustainability. By this, I mean, re-learning age-old crafts like sewing and preserving food.

Welcome all, and I hope it is a fun ride!


Cam said...

I ride the same emotional roller coaster when I see those frugal articles. They're always a disappointment in the end and yet I still read them.

Looking forward to your two cents!

v said...

I like your approach and look forward to gaining some useful, practical, and not-already-obvious knowledge from your posts! :)

swiggett said...

Thanks, guys. Hope my two cents adds up! ;)