Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As you may recall, we did some work on the floors of our house before moving in. This means we have beautiful hardwood floors, perfect for the odd dance or two and sliding around in your socks. It also means that the vacuum is almost worthless on it (plus, using electricity when it doesn't need to be used!).

Initially, the space looked huge, then furniture was moved in, and it looked less huge. Then I realized that I had to actually sweep the floors. The space grew exponentially at that point. First few times, I just swept with a broom, and it seemed to do a good enough job.

But, you see, we adopted a dog back a while back. And she sheds. Add that to my hair, and the fact that we do most of our living in the living/dining rooms, and it makes for some dusty floors! Floors for which a simple sweeping does not suffice.

I pondered my problem for a bit, and remembered my mom dusting with old cloth diapers. Thought the same principle would apply - a soft cloth on wood. Hmm... don't have any cloth diapers, and running out to buy them as dust clothes seems to defeat the purpose.

Know what I do have, though? A plethora of tshirts. Some that are over 10 years old. Some that are more like 15-20+ years old. A number of these have been worn considerably, and are deliciously soft and comfortable as a result. Some are down right thin, and relegated to "around the house" wear only. Also known as "perfect as a dust rag."

I selected one of the softest, most worn old tshirt, put it on the end of dust-pusher-broom thing (think Swiffer broom, but it isn't), and dusted my floors. It worked well. Would have worked better if I hadn't let the dog's hair build up so much. (Winter's coming! Why is she shedding!?) Finished off my sweeping the pile into a dustpan.

My floors were beautiful. Until I let the dog back in. Sigh, at least she's adorable.

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loreleimarsh said...

Such a practical idea! You could also spray some homemade wood oil as well to keep the floor shiny. :)