Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weather and gardening update

I feel bad for being silent for a month, albeit a short month.

We've had some interesting weather round here lately. The snow finally melted, and it warmed up to the 40s and 50s (Fahrenheit). Buds appeared on shrubs and trees, long-forgotten bulbs started to send up little shoots, all signs of spring. Then it snowed again. It melted with 36 hours, but it is indicative of the weather we've had since. Sunny and warm(er) for a day or two, then brisk to downright chilly, or below freezing for a few days.

I hope that the earth was already warmed enough that inherited bulbs don't completely freeze up.

Inherited bulbs? What do I mean by that? I mean bulbs that were here when we bought the house: the irises that line a portion of our back fence, and the mystery bulbs that started sprouting in the brick planter. (A hastily taken camera-phone picture has my mom id-ing them as possible tulips. Awesome!)

In addition to these inherited bulbs, an aunt gifted me some flower bulbs back in the fall, but I didn't manage to get them in the ground before the first snow. They are in the ground now, and I hope that they didn't dry out in our guest room during the winter.

Plus! We had a bag of onions that we didn't finish before some of them started sprouting. Guess what else I'm trying my hand at growing this year now? Onions! Despite the snow, they still seem to be going strong.

Do you have any gardening or weather surprises?

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