Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ominous clicking noises and happier endings

Know what is not awesome? Coming home from work after a day of storms to hear your gas stove clicking. The same clicking noise it generally makes when you've turned the knob to light a burner. Thankfully, no gas was leaking out. Just the incessant clicking. We unplugged the stove, and resigned ourselves to being stoveless for at least a few days.

What is awesome? Having a husband who realized (after consulting the internet) that water may have simply gotten in, and leaving the stove alone and unplugged for a few days may be all that is required. The same day we came home to a clicking stove, there was mysterious water on the plates in the cabinets above the stove, and in the ramekins living next to it.

After two or three days of leaving the stove unplugged to dry, when we plugged it back in, there was no clicking sound. Hurrah! Good thing, too. That first night, knowing I had no stove, all I wanted was to boil water for tea.

I am pleased to report that nearly a week later, and several stove-top heavy meals, all is in tact and still working splendidly.

*Whew! To replace the drop in stove, it would have easily been a few hundred dollars.

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