Thursday, August 26, 2010

School's back! and Trash Service

Students are coming back to campus.
Classes will be starting soon.

All this means that I've been busy again. And that traffic has increased something like tenfold. The population in our sleepy little summer town just boomed.

I'm sure I have some tidbits of advice in me somewhere, however, they are probably more closely related to credit hours, degree plans, and language proficiency than being green and frugal.

I'll try anyway:
We signed up for trash service. They delivered a big, green plastic herbie, and we are "allowed" 6 bags a week. (all refuse has to be in a bag...) The price is reasonable, and service is somewhat necessary, since they are only open during regular business hours, so we are unable to drop bags off for a fee of a dollar a bag. But, after getting rid of the last bits of moving/floor redoing/wallpaper stripping trash, we are not accumulating 6 bags a week (thank goodness - our actual accumulation is a bit embarrassing still, though).

So, we've offered the service of our green monster to my uncle, too. He generates very little trash, and recycles a lot. (I'm working on it!) Still, if we can save him a dollar a bag every two weeks or whatnot, that'd be something, right?

All of that to say: you may be able to save a little here and there by combining something like trash service with a neighbor. If you are a superstar recycler and reuser, you may be able to save even more by dispensing with trash service, and simply dropping your one bag every month off at the trash center, yourself.

Honestly, pre-house, this isn't something about which I thought. There is a steep learning curve to owning your first home. Still climbing... you?

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