Monday, August 2, 2010

:) and grilling and HFCS

I am feeling much better. Amazing what a few days of sleep and fluids can do for a person.

Over the weekend, my husband bought a little charcoal grill. Being able to grill is something that we've both been excited to do, now that we own our house. All the apartment complexes we've lived in have had restrictions on grills, and grill-like-apparati, making the act of grilling very difficult to impossible. 

He also splurged on some meat and marinade to christen said grill. After he returned home, he proudly showed me the marinade he'd selected. He was excited about it because it is made where some of his family lives, and his cousin usually has to stock up when visiting home. And, it was the only option that didn't have HFCS in it. Just one more argument to make the marinade yourself.

I get that HFCS is as much a preservative as a sweetener, but there are products out there that are successfully made, marketed, shipped, stored, sold, and consumed without it. There is a portion of the consumer base that actively avoids HFCS. Many of these people are even willing to pay a bit more for products without HFCS. So, why have companies not filled said demand with more supply?

In this spirit, do you have a favorite grilling marinade for veggies, fish or meat?

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