Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The city has closed all non-emergency services at noon today, due to current icy conditions, and fore-casted ice. I'll be leaving early today, and carefully making my way home.

Upon hearing this, I immediately thought:
We have gas to cook, if needed. We have the wood burning stove for heat and possibly for cooking, if needed. We have enough dry/shelf stable food to keep us for a day or two. But, if the water lines freeze/stop working, well, then we don't have a back up supply of water to keep us hydrated. Hoping to remedy that on the way home, but I am sure most water will be bought up.

Guess I'll fish a few juice bottles from the bin and fill them up while I can.

Are storms a major factor in how you plan out your life? Or your pantry? Do you feel prepared to be homebound for a few days, due to unforeseen circumstances?


Cam said...

When you're snowed in hydration is just outside the window! Boil and voila.

When I heard all the dire warnings yesterday I did a quick check of what we have and decided we're good. Gotta love tacos and pasta :) as long as we have Internet and heat we're good. No Internet and we might get twitchy

SkippyMom said...

We never have to "shop" if a snow snow, power outage or hurricane it going to hit.

I can pretty much feed the family for a week, week and a half if need be. We call it "pantry diving".

Yes we will run out of eggs and milk, but we don't storm the stores stocking up.

If anything we go and buy fun food to entertain us. And we laugh.

We have been through 3 blizzards [36 inches or more] since we have been married - two last year and we went without our electricity and water for 9 days during hurricane Isabel. [With quite a few young kids] We didn't stutter. We just dealt.

Hurricane Katrina? A whole other story - but we managed just fine with what was dealt to us.

I only need to know we are safe, warm and fed. No more.