Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interesting ways to use your freezer to save money

I found this article the other day, about weird things to freeze to make the last longer. Thought it sounded pretty interesting, and if you haven't read it yet, it does contain some new information. At least, new to me.

Here are some highlights:
Keeping candles in the freezer will help them burn longer
Some battery life can be extended, but only certain kinds are worth the cold shoulder.
Some seeds! will keep in the freezer, and even germinate better.
(re-use soda or other plastic bottles, fill with water as a freezer-filler. But really, with all your candles, batteries, seeds, soup, and meat already in there, will there be much room for the home-made ice packs?)
Pantyhose - really? Even if freezing it keeps it from running, I'm not sure that I wear it enough to siddle into cold pantyhose in the winter. Although, come summer, it might actually be refreshing. I just keep clear nail polish handy, and catch runs as soon as possible. And, if it will remain covered by my skirt or shoes, continue to wear the hose.
Laundry - this makes it easier to iron? Not sure I see that. But considering my aversion to ironing, and what happens when I actually do try to iron, don't see trying this one any time soon.

I will add:
nuts - I still have some cashews in the freezer from an alum fundraiser back in NC. You can buy nuts in bulk, on sale, or what-have-you, then freeze. That way, you don't have to spend your days and nights making unending batches pecan cookies. (Co-worker favorite, but I kept almost-burning my fingers rolling the blasted things in powdered sugar.)
juice - we'd freeze the cartons of juice for my lunch box growing up. That way, it would be cold, and keep the rest of my lunch from over-heating, and the juice would be liquid again by lunch time. Plus, they can make a fun, slushy treat. And, you can use these in the same way that the article recommends using those old soda bottles to keep your freezer full and functioning.

Do you have any freezer secrets? Care to share?


Cam said...

Freezer tricks? Um, broth in the ice cube tray for easy use.

But really, freezer space should be reserved for thin mint cookies.

Margaret said...

I freeze, for 24 hours, or microwave for a couple of minutes, woollen clothes, or home spun wool, to kill off the eggs and larvae and adult clothes moths as they are quite hard to keep out of my wool laden house.

swiggett said...

Cam - mmm... Thin Mints!

Margaret - great idea! We don't have much wool yet, but see a lot in our future. Thanks!