Friday, March 19, 2010

Recipe Thurs-Friday

Hey, there.
I have a couple of excuses: 1) grant application crunch time at work [seriously, head spinning, and I've learned that I hate tables created in Word] and (2) generally feeling under the weather.

Those two forces combine to leave me little to no time to cook, much less blog. So, apologies to you, my reader. Recipe Thursday is coming to you late, and is not so much a full recipe as it is a flavor suggestion.

A few years ago, we would buy Ginger Soy sauce from William-Sonoma, even when we really shouldn't have afforded it. It is just so good!

Short on time, money, and car one day last year, I was thinking about what to do with a pork tenderloin that I had thawed out. I thought about that lovely Ginger Soy sauce, cursed my pantry for not magically producing a bottle, and had another thought. "I have ginger powder, and soy sauce! I can make a pseudo-sauce!"

In true lazy-cook fashion, though, I didn't actually make a sauce. Instead, I sprinkled the ground ginger (which I had from making ginger snaps - yum!) over the tenderloin, sparingly, maybe a couple of teaspoons. Rubbed that in. Sprinkled on roughly equal amounts of soy sauce, and rubbed that into the pork.

Cooked the tenderloin as directed, in the oven.

The flavor was nice, but very light. I have used this same sort of combination since, upping the amount of ginger and soy. How much you should use really depends on the size of the piece of meat you have, and how much you want to taste the spices.

There you have it: homemade, pseudo-sauce!

How do you feel about the ginger + soy flavor combination?

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