Friday, June 18, 2010

The Miracle Product that is Baking Soda

I've tried to lay off the article posts, but this one about uses for baking soda made me excited.

While I knew about some of these uses, like a deodorizer, cleaning scrub, even toothpaste, my own usage of baking soda has been somewhat limited to cooking and baking. (until recently, that is, but more on that in a later post.)

I'm not sure if it is the actual tips in this article, or the fact that it was one of my Yahoo! headlines today that makes me more excited. The uses aren't new. The knowledge isn't new. The packaging of said knowledge into an easily accessible and understandable bundle is. (somewhat) At the very least, such succinct lists are new to me.

I'm just happy that the resources are out there, and seem to be so plentiful. And I'm glad that I've been doing a bit of research into such matters. As we run out of things and are unable to make it to the store, I find myself reaching back into my memory banks to see if I can remember an alternative. Sometimes, I can. Other times, I vaguely remember something but not the entire recipe, or find I don't have a crucial ingredient. At any rate, moving and limited store-access has really helped to stretch my imagination, and helped us be a tad bit greener as a result, I think. (broken water heater helps, too. No long, hot showers when there is no hot water...)

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