Monday, June 7, 2010

Tomato Transplants

So, my tomato plants. For lack of a better place to put them, I had stuck them in a flower box in the front of our house. I didn't have any stakes or cages, so they sort of grew however. Also found out that I planted them too close together.

This weekend, I finally got a couple of stakes, and transplanted to along the fence in the backyard, using said fence to help support the plants when I ran out of stakes. The poor things looked all droopy from the shock of being transplanted. I hope that transplanting them at this point wasn't a horrendous mistake, and that the fact that they aren't so much in a garden bed as they are in yard doesn't hurt.

I've heard that tomato plants are hardy, and relatively difficult to kill. We'll see if I have a black or a green thumb.

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