Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cell phones? And, yes, I am alive

Things have been getting hectic here in my real life, which leaves me less time to blog, or to pursue new and fun blog-y type things.

First, I have a question for all of you out there in reader-land. What do you do for phones/cell phones? I'm about 95% sure that we could be paying less for our phone service. And, really, that 5% is probably just wishful thinking because I don't want to research it. (Remember, I am a bit lazy.)

We've been with the same company for about five years, and momentum is pretty much what has kept us with them. When my brother-in-law was visiting this past weekend (see, I really did have stuff going on!), his phone got better reception than ours. He has a newer phone (newer than mine by about a year, newer than my husband's by about three) and a different provider. Hmmm.... maybe we should switch. But the thought of fees paralyzes me.

Should we switch providers? We only have cell phones, but don't talk on them much, so we rarely, if ever come close to using up all of our minutes. Most plans I have seen have way more minutes than we need. What about pre-paid? When confronting that option, I'm paranoid that I'll always be running out of minutes/data, or will keep using it us, causing it to cost more in the long run.

Enough complaining? What do you all do, and how did you arrive at your solution.

Also, the tomato plant I thought was down for the count seems to be coming back! Looks like a few days of heavy rain and me leaving it alone were good for the tomato-soul!


Margaret said...

I've only ever had one mobile phone, for about 5 and a half years. Does texts and calls but not photographs. I don't need an all singing all dancing one. It is so I can talk to people, not so that they can talk to me. It's usually switched off. I don't always get reception either. I prepay about £20 every 4 or 5 months.

I don't need a new phone. The world doesn't need my old phone.

We all survived perfectly well without mobile phones until 10 years ago. Our grandparents lived without them, so can we.

We rarely need new things. The challenge is remembering the difference between wants and needs.

When your contract expires (I presume you pay monthly) just go onto the pay as you go system. Don't get a new phone.

If you decide you need a different phone try and get one second hand. Buying a new one sends a signal to the manufacturers that you want them to make more, using more energy and materials that the world and the environment can ill afford.

I'm glad you are still alive too!

Cam said...

We just have cellphones, too.

You really should just research it...the phone that works best for you is going to be different because you're in a different coverage area. Have you asked people at work how their reception is?

But, I have to say, IN is the first time I haven't had problems hearing you!

Amy Walker said...

I've been thinking about blogging about this soon. We actually decided to switch back to a land line and get a track phone that we don't give out the number for to use only in case of emergency.
Our situation is unique in that I am full time mom and my husband works 5 min. walking distance from home. If I was on the road all the time I woudn't have made this change. It's been SOOOOOOOO refreshing! Can I tell you the peace of mind it is to not be expected to be available 24/7?
That's one thing about our culture that has made life more convenient in a lot of ways but also more stressful. I don't think it's healthy to be available. I'm not the kind of person who can not answer or call back right away without feeling horrible about it so now it's not an option. Saving lots of $$$ too!!!
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