Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am sick. I didn't realize how sick I felt until I came into work. Since we are a one car family, and my husband was just out two days, being sick himself, I couldn't really drive myself home. Strike one for not living anywhere near a bus line.

I should have stayed home today, because being sick at work means I am less productive, and that I am endangering the health of my co-workers. (I'm not deathly ill, but still.) I will probably be at home, sleeping, most of the day on Friday.

Apologies for the sparse posting as of late, and thank you for continuing to come back.

Hope your weekend will go better than mine will!

PS. what are your favorite pick-me-ups for when you are sick? Either symptom relievers, or attitude brighteners? (When I had chicken pox, and had to stay home, I remember getting to chew bubble gum, play with Legos, and do word finds. It was a great way to keep 6-year-old me from scratching myself into misery.)


Cam said...

I remember getting to drink ginger ale. I still crave it when I get sick. Of course the ubiquitous chicken soup.

I like a cool washcloth on my forehead and a big cozy blanket.

Sorry you aren't feeling well.

Cam said...

I know that you're sick and everything (boo) but I have a Thursday recipe request: BBQ sauce.

I'm starting to check labels a bit more and the last time I bought BBQ sauce, there was only one that didn't have HFCS as the first ingredient: Bull's Eye.

Have you ever made your own sauce?

swiggett said...

I haven't ever made my own BBQ sauce. I'm a little scared. Plus, having lived in several different BBQ areas, I know that there are many, many different options and styles. I'll see what I can see.