Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tomatoes. I may be obsessed with them.

My posts seem to be revolving around the little orbs.

Recently, a few of the tomato fruits had actually started to redden (or turn orange or yellow). Since I couldn't remember which plants were which, and I didn't really know what color they were supposed to be, I just let them be.

I also had several fruits with cracked skin, and couldn't remember if I needed to prune them off as soon as possible, or just let them alone. I chose the latter option. A few of these ended up being sacrificed under a nearby bush as I didn't want to chance biting into a bug, and they looked like they had bore holes in them. (that being said, I don't really know a bore hole from an infected one... so... my husband was talking about taking out that particular bush anyway...)

I took the rest of my bounty inside, rinsed them off, and cut around the split skins and bruises. (yeah, left them on a bit long) All in all, quite tasty. And I'm quite proud of myself, even if they only amounted to a snack so far.

Any gardening successes to report?


JMN said...

Hi! Thanks for hopping the green blog hop again!

Please take a moment to put a small blog excerpt out there for this weeks hop so that other moms can see the hop (please).

Thank you!!!

Going Green with Noah

Ginger Bergemann said...

Found you on the blog hop. Our tomatoes are pretty pitiful right now. We are having record heat this summer and our garden is suffering. Looking forward to cooler days and hopefully a better fall crop.

swiggett said...

Ginger - welcome! And I hope your tomatoes start doing better!