Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lasagna and the Library

I was reading through a local paper the other day, and noticed that one of the headlines was about a lasagna garden workshop being hosted by the local library. I nearly fell off my chair in excitement.

About a month or so ago, in poking around, I found some information about lasagna gardening, and thought it sounded very interesting. I didn't do anything to pursue it, as other things ate up my time, but the idea of a no-till garden is certainly appealing to a novice gardener like myself.

While lasagna gardening sounds like a great idea, and a wonderful way to garden, growing fresh produce for oneself and one's family, it isn't really the point of this post.

I was reading through the article, and the first time mentioned was on a weekday, during work hours. I was upset, but not for long! The next sentence told me about a second workshop being offered at a later day and time. A time I have a shot at making!

Ooo... you get to go listen to people talk about a gardening method... riveting... Well, if I take a container that is at least 12 inches deep, I get to make my own mini-lasagna herb garden. They're provided everything but said container. Holey swiss cheese! Information, and hands on practice, plus a working, take-home example? That's awesome.

And there was more, although, I confess, I skimmed the rest of the article. I did see that this was just the first in a whole summer series of gardening and land-oriented workshops being offered at the library.

I spoke briefly about the wealth of resources housed by libraries here. I may have neglected to mention that most libraries also have a video and DVD collection that you can borrow.

I know that I didn't talk at all about library programming, and libraries do some awesome programs! From looking around a bit at local libraries, most of the programs are free, or if there is a cost, it is generally a "bring your own XX to use for making YYY" with a lot of materials provided by the library. There is area and interest specific programming, and age-specific programming. These go beyond a Children's Reading Hour (which I do think is a great idea), and include things like calendar-themed crafts or lasagna-themed gardens.

So, when you're thinking of what to do with all of your free time (ha!), don't forget about the library.

Have you participated in your local libraries programs?


loreleimarsh said...

Libraries are great resources, especially in hard economic times. Way to spotlight an often forgotten resource!

Cam said...

I found my writing group through the library!

Last year, our group was meeting the same time that a production of Lincoln's life was taking place in the next room. We were warned to brace for a gun shot at 7:18.

Besides the assassination, we've also been next door to Irish bands and dog training classes...