Friday, May 28, 2010

More on Nail Polish, and why I love you guys

My last post was about the Shellac manicure. As a non-journalist, I didn't do much research about the product itself, or eco-friendly polishes. Instead, I pretty much just shared my thoughts with you.

In the comments, Cam mentioned that it appeared to be free of a number of chemicals against which she had been warned. Another reader, loreleimarsh, just sent me some links for eco-friendly nail polish. The joys of the internet! Here they are: nubar,  Peacekeeper, and WaterColors. I haven't tried these, and they aren't particularly cheap, but it could be worth the money not to expose yourself to more formaldehyde than necessary!

I do love hearing from you, and learn a lot from your comments. Thanks for sticking around!

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loreleimarsh said...

My pleasure. My library detective skills hard at work! :)