Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ok, so this post is a little random.

Have you heard about a Shellac manicure?

Basically, it is a manicure process and products that are guaranteed to last at least two weeks without chipping. As someone who has gotten manicures and pedicures in the past (and given them to herself), this idea intrigues me, because it is nothing if not frustrating to go to just finish the process, and reach for something, only to smudge the polish. I end up using my hands so much that polish is all but futile on my fingernails, so I eventually just stopped painting them. (Although, my toe nails have been red for years. I love this. I just need to find more eco-friendly polish.)

I've brought this article up because I am still trying to figure out just how I feel about it. One the one hand, I am amazed at the durability, documented by the journalist's slideshow. But, on the other, I am terrified at what  is actually making the polish have that staying power. Even acetone won't take it off? Wow. (That, and I've used the term "shellac" as a verb to describe a woman with way too much make up on.)

I'm lucky enough to have nice-ish nails naturally, so I'm not too anxious about the next nail-trend. It is interesting to follow sometimes.

As intriguing as the 2-week guarantee is, I think I'm leaning towards being more weary of this product than happy about it.

What about you? Thoughts? Opinions?


Cam said...

I generally can't even wait for the polish to dry before I mess it up. Apparently I suck at doing nothing.

You made me curious so I found this:
http://www.purespadirect.com/CND-Shellac-Starter-Kit-CND-Shellac-Salon-Rack-p/ek-100676.htm (scroll down)

Apparently, it doesn't have Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)...the three things I've been told to avoid in nail polish. So that's one (or three) more things going for it.

swiggett said...

Cam - thanks, that is very interesting. And - it is probably a good thing to such at doing nothing!

Cam said...

Just got back from a pedicure (probably a little early for the wedding, but I'll be too busy next weekend: US v England in the World Cup!) and had a "where is Something Frugal" moment. A woman came in for a manicure and the manicurist was appalled. I couldn't quite make out what was happening, other than arguing, so of course I had to listen in.

The manicurist said that there wasn't time for a soak (in polish remover, I think) and a manicure. The woman, not happy with this said to just peel off the polish. The manicurist refused and went on to point out how damaging that two-week chip-less polish was and that peeling away the polish would only damage the nail. She couldn't in good conscious recommend that polish to any of her customers.

They settled on a soak, trimming off most of the polish and then a clear coat.

swiggett said...

Cam - A "where is Something Frugal" moment? I love it! And that manicurist sounds wonderful and upstanding. Also sounds like the polish (was it a Shellac manicure?) is similar to acrylic nails in their effect on natural nails.