Friday, June 11, 2010

New Design, Mattress Plastic, and more on tomatoes

1) What do you think? I just played around with Blogger's new template design area.

2) Do you know what the plastic that wraps new mattresses is good for? Aside from protecting mattresses from random debris in the store/truck? We've figured out a thing or two. Bought new mattress, but didn't throw away the thick plastic "bag." Instead, we threw it into the as yet unfinished room with the cans of polyurethane and the shop-vac. A very lonely and forgotten room, indeed. We intended to use it as a drop cloth for when we painted next (which hasn't happened yet, as pretty walls are pretty low on the "Needs to get done, now!" scale). Still plan to use it as such.

In the mean time, we had to return something pretty large to a store. Wouldn't fit in our car. (Curses! Small-car-power fail!) Borrowed my uncle's truck. (Woo-hoo!) It had just rained - uh-oh. But wait! We could still preserve the integrity of the box, and ensure we get all of our money back! Mattress plastic to the rescue!

A smaller piece was torn off, and laid in the bed of the truck. Items to be returned slid right on top, and remained nice and dry. The return went swimmingly. Trying to find a replacement? Still in progress.

3) Tomatoes. Still not 100%, but that isn't surprising. Upon inspection yesterday, I found a few more stalks that could probably be trimmed off. What is your favorite frugal/natural way to fertilize tomatoes?

4) Fireflies. We no longer live in a city. We live in a small town. Last night, we drove to the local small city/uni town to make the previously mentioned return. Driving back, it was dusk. Dusk + farmland = the most fireflies I have ever seen in one place at one time. Swarms of the little things, blinking beautifully. It was wonderful.


Cam said...

I like the new look - nice and airy

Margaret said...

Tomato fertiliser. Stinging nettles. Add to water. Leave for a week outside. Hold nose. Drain out the liquid. Further dilute with water. Add to tomatoes once the fruit is set every week or so.

Anonymous said...

This is why I never throw anything out... it might be useful some day.

You know, I've been gardening for over 15 years, and I have never heard of anyone pruning tomato plants... ever. I didn't know it was something that was "done".

Anyhow, we use compost and manure and give them lots of sun and as long as it doesn't hail, we usually harvest to many that we end up giving them away and freezing the surplus... Come to think of it, that plastic might come in handy for covering the tomatoes if there's hail or later in the season when there's frost.

swiggett said...

Cam - thanks!

Margaret - I've heard a lot about stinging nettles... where do I get them? Or do you grow your own?

Rebecca - shows how much gardening experience I have, right? I don't know that pruning is normally done; I just did it since some of the leaves were yellow and sad looking.

And - that is precisely why I don't like to throw things away; there is always something more that can be done! This plastic is a good thick sheet; I think you are right about using it to protect against frost!

Margaret said...

Stinging nettles are a perennial weed here in the UK. Despite the fact that a few people eat them in soup and that they can be used for natural dyeing I wouldn't deliberately introduce them to any garden I was responsible for!

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