Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The first shampoo crisis of 2010.

I'm running out of shampoo. (This is, of course, the crisis to which my post's title refers.)

Oddly enough, I still have plenty of conditioner (I generally use more conditioner than shampoo).

My husband ran out of shampoo a few days ago.

I try to buy natural shampoo, avoiding some ingredients. My husband doesn't have the same level of craziness about it all as I do, so he tends to get whatever is on sale and try it out. He wasn't very happy with his last purchase.

Even though shampoo is something I buy on a fairly regular basis, each time, I find myself confronting the same dilemma: How do I balance my desire/need to avoid certain things, while getting a shampoo that is natural and my scalp and hair will actually like, and the necessity of staying on budget.

I could take this opportunity to try out various no-poo alternatives (conditioner-only, or a baking soda wash).

I could ransack the horde of hotel toiletries I've stockpiled. (Ok, it isn't that bad. All the mini shampoos, conditioners and shower gels fit into one zip-top bag. They are very handy when you oops-run-out of soap or shampoo, or when you are traveling.)

I could price shop the various natural options I have here in town (somewhat unlikely due to being a one-car family).

Not sure what I'll do yet. I do have a few more shampoos left in the bottle. After that, we'll see!

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?


loreleimarsh said...

I'd splurge a bit to get what you want/need. The food you can fudge a little, this not so much. Just my thoughts.

swiggett said...

Loreleimarsh - Hopefully, I can stretch my current shampoo long enough that it is a non-issue. This is when my stockpiling tendencies are good - there is still a smidgen of shampoo left from the bottle before this one (two different types of shampoo, and I was anxious to try the new one!).