Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recipe Thursday: Raiding the Pantry

I've been a neglectful blogger as of late. My apologies.

Life has been hectic lately, and so I haven't been making dinners at home much. Or they have consisted of heating various ingredients and combining, not necessarily crafting a meal.

The only remotely-frugal thing about some of our meals this week has been their pantry-combing nature. We've been having deli or sandwich shop nights and fend-for-yourself nights, the latter being of the pantry-combing variety.

After a dentist appointment, a can of mandarin oranges, rice pudding, and stuffing (yes - from a box, full of yummy sodium, I know. Still, have to use what we have.) was one meal.

Another "on your own" meal was a can of salmon, mixed with mayo and mustard, on crackers. "Dessert" was Nutella on crackers. Why? Because I love Nutella.

The craziness should die down... soon... ish. I hope to get back on track with the whole food thing by then.

Haven't bought any new shampoo yet. I think I underestimated what was left. *whew!

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