Wednesday, April 14, 2010


If you've been reading this blog, or even just peaking in on occasion, then you've probably realized that I'm making changes to how I live. Some are small, and I certainly haven't completed a total overhaul. But there are changes, and some are more noticeable than others. Some are more wacky than others (honey as face wash, for one).

All of this is just fine and dandy when I'm at home, and the only one there to give me funny looks is my husband. And even he only balks at a few things (like the honey, and really, you're baking more bread... again!). Overall, he's supportive and sees the benefits of my madness. Not always so sure about step-families, in-laws and the rest.

At home, I also have access to all the accoutrement that is required (like the big jar of honey and smaller bowl for actual application). Traveling, like I do a bit of for business or we do to see family, presents another set of... opportunities for creativity.

So far, I've been able to make my squeezable-honey bear of honey work for face wash on the road, but my skin much prefers the sugared honey exfoliant. And tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil are all portable enough. I just have enough insecurity about myself, and what I am doing that being "found out" and "thought of as truly different/insane" are things that scare me. My in-laws like me now, and I don't want to make them think I'm crazy!

I know that this is silly, and that in reality, I'll just be taking my toiletry bag to and from the bathroom anyway, so it is not like they'll "find me out."

Anyway, long ramblings. But it raises another question: as we are making these changes, and eliminating some things from our daily life and consumption, what do we do when visiting? I try to avoid high fructose corn syrup, because, even though it is chemically (I believe) the same as sugar, and fine in moderation, it is impossible to have only in moderation because it is in EVERYTHING! Not everyone does. Do I just deal, and eat what I think I can when visiting, or do I make a big stink about it (so not my style). But does eating that way for the weekend mess up everything I've done before?

Perhaps HFCS isn't the best example. Maybe SLS is better. If I work to purge SLS from cleaning agents in my home, what do I do at my parents' homes? Bring my own soap, or just use theirs, knowing it has SLS? Do I say anything?

Guess you can say that I have a lot of un-founded insecurities, and think about some things way too much.

Have you encountered similar situations before? How did you/would you handle it?


Elizabeth said...

Interesting article! There is so much less privacy when traveling now. I had not heard about using honey as a facial cleanser, but my Mom adores jojoba oil.

Cam said...

Um, you don't want to out yourself, so you're blogging about it. Consider yourself outed ;)

High fructose corn syrup is in everything, it's crazy. I do like Fayo greek yoghurt with HFCS! Pricier, but so, so tasty.

As far as traveling, I'm not sure I have anything useful to contribute (so this is basically just a big unhelpful comment). It seems that you're doing what you can. Knowing what has HFCS, SLS or whatever makes it easier to make better choices at home or on the road.

swiggett said...

Elizabeth - I've made the switch to honey face wash only recently, but my skin seems to be happier now. (I also am using tea tree oil daily, and jojoba oil as moisturizer - vitamin E oil at night)

Cam - I suppose I am 'outed' here. Oops? I just get this nagging feeling every time I use the anti-bacterial soap from Bath and Body Works at someone's house.