Monday, February 22, 2010

Food Wast Reduction Challenge, Week 3

So... wasn't the best week for me. I wasn't home for the majority of the week, and was instead on the road for that business trip. I even ate in a college cafeteria once, and was reminded how much food can get wasted there. I opted for a stir-fry, and while I could choose the veggies and such that went into it, I couldn't do much to control the amount, so that plus the fact that I didn't get a chance to eat till after the presentation and Q&A session... I think about a quarter of the rice was left, plus about a quarter of the brownie, and a quarter cup of baby corn + beets. I just looked at it, deciding between letting it be thrown away or trying to force-feed myself before a six-hour drive. I didn't eat it.

 A week or so ago, we had both bought eggs on the way home, independent of each other. It takes us a while to use eggs (unless I'm on a baking spree), so that coupled with the fact that I was gone for 4 days meant that many eggs ended up in the trash, as they had passed their expiration dates

It looks like we are also holding on to about a quarter of a gallon of milk that has not only passed the expiration date, but also my smell and taste test.

I don't know if anything else was tossed while I was away, but it doesn't look like it.

Regarding expiration dates, I'm of  the "they are just a suggestion" camp. Thinking that they tend to be "best by" dates, I am generally ok with eating things a few days or so past the stated expiration date. I may not cook an expired egg over easy with a yummy runny yoke, opting instead to hard boil it or fry it until the yoke is hard. My husband is more likely to go by the expiration date, and throw stuff out.

If you are interested, and haven't seen it already, here's an article from about expiration dates. (you may need to sign in to view it)

I have a couple of questions for you now. One: how are you doing with the Food Waste Reduction Challenge? and Two: how do you feel about expiration dates on food?


Cam said...

I don't think I've ever really looked at the expiration date of eggs. If I open them and they smell good, they're good.

swiggett said...

You, know, I hadn't either, until a few years ago. Still not something I think about often.