Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poll 2 Results, and a Big Thank You!

So, for my second poll, I asked a "What would you do?" about business trips. After a few rounds of questions, I updated my original poll, with additional options. A small majority were in favor of renting a car, with driving your own, and other each receiving votes.

Honestly, when planning the trip, I didn't consider flying because to me a 3-6 hour car trip isn't all that long. I think that after driving to the airport, going through security, and paying for the ticket and parking/or getting to the airport, trips via airplanes within that radius are about as long and more expensive than just going by car.

The bus option was also one that I had not considered. I know that interstate bus lines do run in the US, but they've never really been among the first things that come to mind when I'm planning a trip. Thanks for the reminder, guys.

Also, I shared my concern about healthy, yet inexpensive eating options while traveling, and you all gave me some good feedback. Remembering back to high school, after the first overnight speech team trip, I started taking a small cooler of veggies to snack on. Why? Because, thanks to my parents, I was used to a healthy and varied diet, and on the first overnight trip, our only food options were fast food, and I felt sick. Don't know why I didn't consider this. Thank you for the reminder!

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