Friday, February 12, 2010

Poll Results! Plus, The Repercussions of Going Out of Town

My first poll was asking you, my illustrious readers, about what you would like to learn/have me prattle on. The winner was: Cooking! As a result, I will try to orient more posts towards cooking and various kitchen tips.

You may have noticed that this week's posts have been dominated by that theme. That occurred by a happy accident that left me with a relatively free weekend, desire to cook, and poll results that matched!

I still have a lot to learn about cooking, and about cooking frugally. Up to now, mainly what I've been doing is slightly more complex than the open container, dump, and heat method. I like having something ready quickly, but I don't like eating too many of these convenience foods. Plus, there is something more fulfilling, to me, about actually making something. From scratch. I really like making those biscuits for that reason, and I've been getting better each time! Last night, they were almost tender and flaky. I've started formulating a plan of attack for making them even flakier. I'm excited to see if it will work.

As you may have guessed by my current poll, I am going out of town shortly, on a business trip. While I'm not overly concerned with the cost of this trip, I am concerned with what the traveling will do to eating habits.
1 - why am I not concerned with the cost? Because I will get reimbursed for all costs associated with it. And, I am travelling on the cheap anyway. Since I am going places with which I am familiar, I have free lodging for most of th nights.
2 - eating habits? Yes. I'll be on the road, or speaking to groups of college kids for the majority of about 3 or 4 days. Short of packing up my own sandwiches and such, I know that my options will be limited by time and proximity. When I've been away, I find myself missing a kitchen or fridge or just the ability to go and make something simple, like a PB&J sandwich, to tide myself over till the next meal.

While I'm away, I know that I'll try to make the best choices I can, but do you have any tips for eating well and frugally on the road?


Cam said...

A bag of baby carrots always make a healthful and handy snack. As for actual meals, I don't think I can help.

Margaret said...

Healthy Food? Try sprouting some beans. You could do that on the road. Raw fruit and veg.

Frugal Food? If you have a cool box you could take your PB&J with you. (Depends on if you go by car or bus!) Buy some real bread and real cheese. Take a small knife.

Drink water. One bottle that you refill. Better for you, better for your skin.