Monday, February 15, 2010

Thermostat Poll Post

Did I miss the range of your thermostat in the options I gave? Feel like telling me why you have your thermostat set to  a certain temperature? I'd love to hear all about it!

To be fair, our thermostat is set at around 65F (18.33C), which means that it is reading about 60F (15.56C). When my husband was sick, we had it set as high as 70F (21.11C). But then we got our electric bill, and decided that putting on socks and an extra sweater were better ideas.


loreleimarsh said...

Our heat is off, so we hover around 60 because we are well insulated. If it was on it would be about 63-65.

Margaret said...

The kichen/living room where we spend most of our time is at 67 at the moment because I've been ill over the winter. When I realised it was so warm I turned down the radiator. We don't heat the bedrooms or bathroom or overnight. When the children go back to school next week we'll change the controller to heating twice a day rather than once a day.