Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recipe Thursday

Holy Toledo, Batman! I almost forgot about Recipe Thursday!

How about some yummy hot chocolate for the cold winter's nights?

This probably won't be the most inexpensive hot chocolate, nor is it particularly good for you, but I sure do enjoy it!

I devised this recipe when I was in high school, using a large, almost stein sized mug that my dad had. The proportions here are slightly smaller, but I still use the largest mug we have to make it. This mug probably hold two cups of liquid, easy.

Set water to boil, and pull out your favorite/largest mug.

Start with 2 heaping tablespoons of cocoa. Preferably a nice dark cocoa. Whatever you have/like works.

Add 2 slightly less heaping tablespoons of sugar (more or less to taste), and stir until well mixed.

If you are so inclined, and/or remember, add a pinch of salt here, and mix.

Add a drop or two of vanilla extract.

Add a splash to a tablespoon or so of the thickest milk/cream you  have on hand. We would have heavy whipping cream during Christmas, and that is just wonderful. Half and half works well, too.

Stir it all together like the dickens. Ideally, the consistency will be paste-like, but this will differ with the type of cream/milk you use. Whipping cream = more paste-like. Half and half = more like chocolate milk.

When the water boils, fill the mug up about half way, and stir well. When well-mixed, continue to fill mug till full. Stir some more.

Try not to drink it too fast.

Do you have a favorite cold weather drink?

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Cam said...

Mmm, Droste!

When I first moved to Chicago and had three roommates, we would make a big pot of hot chocolate with milk and cocoa mix de jour on the stove (stirring constantly, of course). Then, we'd add either Bailey's or Drambuie.

I also like to put ground cinnamon in with the coffee grounds when I use the auto drip, I don't know portions, but a little goes a long way.