Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Belated < 3 Day!

Valentine's Day was on Sunday. Here, it was snowy and cold, but I doubt that put a damper on too many plans.

We went out for a nice dinner on Friday, partly to avoid the onslaught of couples that would descend on restaurants on Sunday. We had a good time, and it suit us well. Saturday was more togetherness, and fit well with the themed-weekend. As for the actual holiday itself? He did some of the laundry and bought be a coffee grinder. And an amazing card that was funny, but ended up making me tear up. He got a game card.

I know - we are incredibly romantic.

I was - still am - thrilled about the coffee grinder, and have already hunkered down with the manual, pulling all the pieces apart (that are supposed to come apart), and figuring out how it works.

Yup, I'm excited about clean laundry and a coffee grinder. ;) Now, I get to buy whole bean coffee.

Did you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you have a favorite memory of the holiday? Or, any fun, yet frugal tricks for celebrating V-day?

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